5 Top Spots to Move to After Brexit

  • 5 Top Spots to Move to After Brexit

    5 Top Spots to Move to After Brexit

    The ongoing economic and social uncertainty caused by Brexit has made not only businesses to move out of the country. Many Brits are also toying with the idea of relocating to a different country. The question is where should they go? Moving abroad is a huge step. Picking the right destination is of great importance. We have done some digging to rank the best countries to move to post-Brexit and this is our top 5:

    • Scotland
    • Australia
    • Germany
    • Portugal
    • Taiwan

    Scotland – Close and familiar

    The number of people who are currently considering moving from Britain to Scotland has surged by over 650%! That is because this country is located just around the corner and there is no language barrier for the Brits who choose to live there. If you want to save some money, however, you may want to avoid Edinburgh. In many ways, the cost of living in the capital of Scotland is almost as high as that of living in London. Glasgow, on the other hand, is much more affordable.

    Australia – A popular laidback option

    For many years now, Australia has been the leading destination for British expats. Just like in Scotland, there is no language barrier and even though the Land Down Under is set on the other end of the globe, you will get to enjoy plenty of sunshine and breath-taking beaches. Locals are notorious for their laidback and friendly attitude which is appreciated even by the most uptight and snobby Brits.

    Germany – For career growth

    If you have worked hard to build a career in Britain, you may feel as if it will all go to waste if you move out of the country. That does not need to be the case. Germany is an excellent place for career growth. Salaries are excellent, job opportunities are plenty, the infrastructure is perfect… We can go on and on! Plus, there is a large community of British expats there. So, you will not feel alone.

    Portugal – Best for freelancers

    For those of you who work as freelancers, Portugal is the dream post-Brexit relocation destination. Housing costs are bearable, the cost of living in affordable and internet speeds are very fast. As a Brit, you will also love the local climate. As a freelancer, you will enjoy the chance to get to know a different culture and dive into a new adventure.

    Taiwan – Best for expats in general

    Latest researches show that Taiwan is the best country for expats. The local nature is stunning and the access to quality health care is easy and cheap. There are thousands of expatriates who already call Taiwan their home which makes this Asian-Pacific country rather cosmopolitan. The local population is very polite, hospital and respectful which will make your life in “Formosa” even more fantastic!

    Regardless of which country you choose to move to, don’t forget to opt for professional-grade packing materials in London. Your items can easily break or damage even during a long-distance relocation and that would be a bad way to start your new life abroad.

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