Our Team

Super Man and Van is a leader in the field of moving – homes and offices alike – for London. The key to our success lies not only in our fleet and equipment, but to a great extend it is due to our impeccable team.

Responsible experts for smooth moving

The movers, packers and drivers working for Super Man and Van are all carefully vetted professionals who have extensive experience in the business of moving. They are energetic individuals who know every little trick of the trade and are not going to let you down even one bit while they are managing the specs of your relocation.

Your comfort – our top priority

When working on your moving project, you can count on our team one hundred percent. If you have any specific requests or needs, the specialists we send to your address are going to come up with the optimal solution. The energetic, fully licensed and insured technicians we are going to send in for tackling the project you need to get carried out are going to be friendly, motivated and are not going to let you down one bit. We at Super Man and Van are going to make sure that is exactly the case.