Cleaning Is Stressing You Out? Not Anymore

  • Cleaning Is Stressing You Out? Not Anymore

    Cleaning Is Stressing You Out? Not Anymore

    Cleaning home can cause a lot of frustration and anxiety. Some of the reasons for this can include lack of proper organisation, lack of time or effective cleaning supplies and others. Sometimes you just don’t know where- to start. Luckily, cleaning can turn into a fun chore as long as you follow some of the genius tips for reducing stress mention further below.

    Pare down larger jobs into smaller sections

    The key to an easier cleaning experience is dividing cleaning into a series of smaller spurts. Forget about cleaning marathons because no one likes cleaning for 5-6 hours straight. In other words, if you set aside 10 or 15 minutes a day to clean your house instead of 4-5 hours during the weekend, you can feel more accomplished and avoid stressing out. 15 minutes per day might not seem enough to make a difference but it surely does.

    Focus on the final reward

    If you focus on how you will feel after you get the job done, you will execute your cleaning tasks easier and without hassle. Even if you know it won’t be easy, just set your goal and focus on getting there. Thinking about how much you resent scrubbing that toilet, removing persistent stains off your carpet or cleaning your apartment before your short-notice removal will make you feel tired faster and you will lose your motivation. You have to be positive and focus on your prize. Sometimes help is more than welcome. You can always hire professional cleaners to help you out a bit, or the most efficient end of tenancy cleaning in London if you are moving out.

    Find your motivation

    Listening to your favourite music and turning up the volume can motivate you to clean faster and more efficient. By keeping your mind busy, you will be more focused and positive, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks. You can choose other types of motivation that will work for you, like listening to inspirational audiobooks on your iPod or cleaning with a friend or spouse.

    Create a cleaning schedule

    Creating a schedule when cleaning your home might sound like a complete waste of time, but know that when you have a cleaning calendar, your cleaning chores become like any other errands you have to run. A cleaning schedule will enable you to organise and know when it’s time for wiping down the bathroom or deep cleaning your kitchen. When you know what has to get done each week, you will make time for it.

    Realistic expectations

    You will easily get disappointed if you have high expectations, better unrealistic ones. This is also applicable to cleaning. You need to know what you have got to get done in a week and what you can postpone for a bit until you get more time. For example, if a dirty bathroom or a cluttered office space makes you angry, you will need more time to clean it and dedicate to it. If you decide to do them both, you will probably end up not getting any of it done, which will make you feel stressed and bad about yourself. Therefore, it is important to have time and motivation and know what your limits and abilities are.

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