Furniture Pieces to Disassemble Before a Move

  • Furniture Pieces to Disassemble Before a Move

    Furniture Pieces to Disassemble Before a Move

    Relocations that involve the handling and transportation of a large number of bulky furniture pieces tend to be quite tricky and time-consuming to organise and carry out. That is especially the case if you do not disassemble some of that furniture. By doing so, you will:

    • Save money as you will need less space in the moving van
    • Avoid injuries since disassembled furniture is always easier to carry and move
    • Be less likely to scratch the floors or chip the walls when you try to get the furniture out of your old house
    • Not need to hire an extra helping hand

    Not all furniture pieces can be disassembled but those that can, should be. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy any of the benefits that we have just listed.

    Flat-pack furniture

    This type of furniture pieces can be fully taken apart which makes it incredibly easy and cheap to move. The problem with them, however, is that they come with various tiny parts which are not very hard to lose or misplace. Therefore, always pack the little bolts and nuts in Ziploc bags. Hopefully, you have not thrown away the manual. If you have, you may find it difficult to put it all together after the relocation. To play it safe, you can rely on Super Man and Van’s time-efficient furniture assembly and disassembly services in London. This solution is particularly suitable for people who need to organise their move at the last minute.

    Dining table

    Not every table can be taken apart but if yours allows it, remove its legs and its central leaf (if the table is expandable). That will make its frame much lighter and enable you to quickly get it through any door.


    Most shelves, including some solid-wood options, can be disassembled. Still, it is not always worth the hassle to completely take your storage cabinet or bookshelf apart. That is particularly true when this furniture piece comes in a compact size. What you can do instead is to remove the shelves from the piece. In that way, can reduce the overall weight of the piece. Also, shelves tend to move and shift during the transportation stage. If you pack them separately, they will be less likely to cause trouble such as to fall off, scratch or break.


    Disassembling a bed is usually a task for an experienced carpenter. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting that you should take carpentry classes. All we recommend is to remove the mattress. If the bed comes with drawers, they too should be handled and packed separately. The frame of this furniture piece will still be heavy and bulky but moving it will be a bit more manageable.

    Any furniture pieces that come with drawers

    Speaking of drawers, it is never a bad idea to pack and move them separately. You do not necessarily need to empty them. Just wrap them well with bubble wrap and a cover blanket for some extra security.

    What about domestic appliances?

    Similar to furniture, many of your household appliances have removable parts. Those can be the racks of your oven, the trays of your refrigerator or the mounting stand of your flat-screen TV. Remove these small parts and make your move easier and safer.

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