Do You Get a Day Off on Your Moving Home Day?

  • Do You Get a Day Off on Your Moving Home Day?

    Do You Get a Day Off on Your Moving Home Day?

    Even if you have recruited all of your friends and family to give you a hand when you are planning and preparing your home move, you will still have a mountain of tasks to complete such as:

    • Redirecting your mail;
    • Changing utility providers;
    • Finding a moving van;
    • Packing your possessions;
    • Viewing properties;
    • Decluttering your home;

    You can take some of that load off of your shoulders if you hire a qualified man and van in London that can deliver you quality packing materials and can transport your items with a new and equipped moving vehicle. But finding a reliable and competent moving van expert in your area will also require some time. This is why you may be forced to take a few days off from work. But are you entitled to days off when you are moving house?

    What does the law say?

    According to UK laws, all full-time workers in the country have the right to get 20 days of leave every year. In addition to that, they get to enjoy another eight days of bank holidays and official holidays. But that is all. Employees are not entitled to get additional days off when they are moving home.

    There are exceptions, however, because it often depends on the company that employs you. Some businesses are willing to allow their staff to get a short paid leave when they are relocating. So, check your contract and speak with your supervisor to see whether that is the case in the company in which you are working.

    What are your options

    If your company does not allow you to take paid leave, it may give you an unpaid leave. That will certainly hurt your finances but it will enable you to focus on your relocation for a while.

    Weekend relocation

    Stacked moving boxesIf your employer is not willing to give you a few days off, you can schedule your moving day on a weekend or on a bank holiday. Use Friday evening to pack your possessions, move on Saturday and start unpacking on Sunday. And on Monday, you can get back to work. If you are not able to relocate all of your furniture and personal possessions in just one weekend, consider hiring a storage unit. Transport some of the items you rarely use there and go and pick them up whenever you have more free time on your hands.

    Comprehensive professional assistance

    Take advantage of all-round moving services and you will not have to think about taking any days off. Having a professional man and van in London by your side when you prep for a house move means that you will not need to choose the moving van alone, pack your items, assemble your furniture and etc. This will all be handled by the certified moving van expert. And if you are planning a large-scale relocation, you can always hire two or three men with a van. They will easily cope with the big workload and will load all of your belongings on the moving vehicle without your help.

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