Getting Your Security Deposit Back the Easy Way

  • Getting Your Security Deposit Back the Easy Way

    Getting Your Security Deposit Back the Easy Way

    In the UK, more people than ever live in rented accommodations. The reasons for this phenomenon are many – property prices are on the rise, the mind-set of younger generations is changing, etc. With the rise of the rented lifestyle, the number of people moving in and out of properties that were merely leased to them is also increasing. Thus, more and more of them are asking one and the same question – is there a fool-proof way to guarantee that you get your security deposit back? We are talking about a substantial amount of money usually, so this is actually a pretty serious question. And here is the answer to it.

    Know your rights

    The relationship between tenants and landlords in the UK is very well regulated. As a tenant, you have more rights than you may have expected, and the government has the resources and departments that are looking after the rules being followed. So, read up on your rights and have in mind that in case you have signed a contract that contradicts the law, the latter supersedes the former.

    Take care of the property while you are in it

    Unless your landlord is a crook, the best way to ensure that you are going to have no problems with getting a refund on your deposit upon vacating the premises is to take care of the apartment or house while you are still living in it. It is that simple, and would not require investing too much of your time and money, just to:

    • Avoid smoking inside, even if it is allowed
    • Doing the chores on a regular basis – vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, wiping countertops, taking out the rubbish
    • Don’t hang frames and posters on the walls with nails
    • Clean all stains as they occur
    • Add a fresh coat of paint on the walls every couple of years

    If you do those things, not only will you easily get your deposit back, but also live in a much more comfortable home.

    End of tenancy cleaning tips and tricks

    The fast and the best way to handle moving-out sanitation is to hire someone providing licensed end of tenancy cleaning in London. It might be the only option for you in case the landlord requests it. If the rent contract stipulates that you can clean on your own, you might want to start off once you have already packed all of your bags and boxes and cleared them off the premises.

    Pay special attention to high traffic areas in the property such as the carpets in the living room and the hallways.

    Defrost the fridge a couple of days prior so that you can clean it inside and out. Last but not least, do not overlook places that otherwise you would not think of cleaning – the insides of the kitchen cabinets, the windows and such. Do not be cheap on the supplies you use, and make sure you get the right detergents for each individual task that you will be tackling. Remember that you are after the best results possible.

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