How to Find a Cheap Moving Van

  • How to Find a Cheap Moving Van

    How to Find a Cheap Moving Van

    In a rapidly growing and modern city such as London, professional moving services have turned into a flourishing industry. There are all sorts of expert assistance of which you can opt for when relocating – from booking a man and van or hiring helpers to relying on a full comprehensive removals service. However, if you are not planning to take a lot of items with you or if you have managed to find plenty of helping hands for your moving day, you should simply use a hassle-free van hire service in London. That is usually the most budget-friendly option offered by local moving businesses and it can be very convenient as transit vans come in all sizes these days and include:

    • Small wheelbase vans (SWBs)
    • Medium wheelbase vans (MWBs)
    • Large wheelbase vans (LWBs)
    • 3.5-tonne Luton vans
    • 7.5-tonne Luton trucks

    Although hiring a moving vehicle instead of using an all-round removal service is always cheaper, this does not mean that you should agree to whatever price companies tell you to pay. Instead, use the following tricks to make your move even more affordable.

    Compare quotes

    Research all the removal and man and van companies that offer professional van hire solutions in your area. If you have to, call each and every single one of them and ask for a free quotation. Compare offers and go with the most cost-effective of them. The competition in this field is fierce which means that there are all sorts of businesses that work in this industry. Some may strive to offer top quality at the lowest possible price while others are only looking to get more money out of their clients’ pockets. That is why you need to be careful when you put your trust on a moving company.

    Ask for an on-site estimate

    Over-the-phone quotes are rarely accurate but many moving firms offer them. However, always ask for an on-site estimate before you hire a van. By doing so, you will not only get a custom-tailored quotation but you will also be able to better pick a transit vehicle that properly matches your relocation needs. That is because to make an on-the-spot estimate, the relocation company will need to send one of their experts to your properly. The trained and skilled pro will assess the size of your moving project and determine exactly what type of equipment and moving vehicle needs to be used for the job. In that way, you will avoid booking a van that is too big or too small for you.

    Opt for a GPS-equipped vehicle

    Hire a moving van that has a GPS. That will enable you to avoid traffic congestions when you are transporting your items and to take the shortest possible route to your new home. This means that the vehicle will consume less fuel, making your move even cheaper.

    When hiring a man with a van is cheaper

    If you have no experience driving a large van or a truck, take no risks and hire an insured man with a van or even a whole team of movers. Not knowing what to do behind the wheel of a big vehicle can easily lead to an accident and that may cost you dearly.

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