Living room and bedroom moving out cleaning 101

  • Living room and bedroom moving out cleaning 101

    Living room and bedroom moving out cleaning 101

    When you are planning to relocate your house, there are quite a few things that you have to deal with – and there is always the possibility that you forget about some really important task until the last moment, when it is already too late. Experience shows that the end of tenancy cleaning is something very few people actually think about first when they are preparing for their move. And this is a grave mistake.

    Why is cleaning important when moving

    When relocating from a house or an apartment, there are basically two options. You either own the place you are relocating from and you would want to sell/rent it, or you are a renter yourself. In the first case, a properly executed end of tenancy cleaning will improve the appeal of the property and will make it easier to sign up a deal with potential tenants/buyers – in some cases even for a price that is much better for you. In the latter, properly sanitising the place will guarantee you get your deposit back.

    The easiest way to have any part of your place cleaned

    Living roomIf you want to save time, energy and even money, the best course of action would be to hire professionals to do the job for you. Your professional removal company in London – the one you hire to help you with the move, will be more than capable of helping you with such a line of work.

    In case you would prefer to handle the task on your own – the following guide for living room and bedroom sanitation will be pretty helpful for you.

    Cleaning tips – the basics

    Handling your sanitation will not be that hard at all – just follow the steps described below:

    • Start with wiping down dust and grime from any ceiling fans, furniture and walls. The best way to do that is by using disinfecting spray and a rag. Just make sure to use slow motions and not put too much force into it in order to avoid damage to the surfaces.
    • A rag and an all-purpose cleaner will help you wash the windows swiftly and efficiently. Clean windows are not only improving the quality of light entering your rooms, but it also makes the whole space look much better. Few people actually wash windows on a regular basis, so at least do it when you are moving out.
    • The blinds of your windows are another thing that tends to get overlooked during your day-to-day cleaning routines, but you should not forget them now.
    • Run a vacuum cleaner through the place, including on any upholstered furniture. Hard floors – stone or wood – also need to be washed very carefully. Just remember that you have to wait for the floors to be cleaned once you are finished with everything else in the room that you are cleaning with it.

    And a bonus tip: clean one room at a time and move on to the next only when there is nothing left to do in the one you are currently in.

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