Most Interesting Findings of Brits and Home Moves

  • Most Interesting Findings of Brits and Home Moves

    Most Interesting Findings of Brits and Home Moves

    If you are a Brit moving within the United Kingdom, there is a 90% chance that this experience will make you feel stressed and a 25% chance that you will accidentally leave something behind. The most shocking thing is that you will probably go through that same process about 8 times in your lifetime. And did we mention that the possibility of you moving back to your parents’ home is also rather high? No, we are not psychics, we are just citing some of the latest findings on domestic relocations in the UK. Researchers have managed to outline several quite fascinating trends in this field which claim that:

    • Brits prefer to move in the spring
    • People in the UK use a massive amount of packing materials
    • Moving is indeed a very stressful experience
    • Most people in the country prefer to run the moving process by themselves although that rarely ends well

    Even if you do not view yourself as an average Brit, you can still benefit from getting to know the most common tendencies in house moves in the United Kingdom. That may show you that a lot of people are feeling the same way you are or it may help you avert a potential relocation nightmare.

    May – the busiest month for moving in the country

    It is estimated that there are about 3.8 million household relocations in the country on a yearly basis. That is not a very big number given that there are more than 66 million people living in the United Kingdom. All in all, just a little over 5% of all Brits decide to move every year. Most choose to do that in the spring and more particularly in May. Therefore, if you are planning to hire a team of qualified movers on that month, prepare that their schedule will be very tight and their rates will be rather high.

    Brits use a lot of packing supplies

    An average domestic move in the United Kingdom involves the use of a massive amount of packing materials. Brits seem particularly fond of large cardboard boxes because they use about 85 of them for a single relocation… along with 7 suitcases and 30 bin bags! They also make sure they have enough additional packing supplies at hand and invest in an average 6 rolls of bubble wrap and another 6 rolls of masking tape. To label their boxes, they rely on a minimum of 45 sticker notes and to provide some extra protection to their possession, they use up more than 20 newspapers.

    Moving stress is not a myth

    You probably think that moving stress is one big cliché. However, according to surveys, 9 out of 10 people felt stressed on the day of their relocation. Just 30% were filled with excitement and only 2 in 10 were optimistic about the move.

    DIY moves are popular but are often unsuccessful

    If you are wondering why people in the United Kingdom decide to get so many packing supplies and why they almost always feel extremely stressed during the move, the answer may be simple – DIY moves. More than half of Brits have decided to organise their entire relocation all alone. In most of the cases, however, they end up regretting it. This is why you should never overlook the advantages of booking a professional removals company. If you prefer to opt for cheap van hire in London, ask the movers to pick the right vehicle for you because about 7% of people go for the smallest (and most budget-friendly) possible option and, as a consequence, fail to fit all of their furniture and possessions in the van.

    If your move turns out to be a complete disaster – fear not! You will probably get several more chances to make things right since an average Brit is found to move about 8 times in their life and every third person in the country has had to move back to their mum and dad’s place at least once.

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