Moving in Together with a Partner – Dos and Don’ts

  • Moving in Together with a Partner – Dos and Don’ts

    Moving in Together with a Partner – Dos and Don’ts

    If you and your partner are considering moving in together, you are probably really excited. You may have some doubts and fears in your head and that is perfectly normal. However, if you are worried about something, make sure you discuss it with your better half. Also, it would be good to remember that it will not be all rainbows and butterflies when you two start living under the same roof because:

    • You will get to know a different side of your partner;
    • Someone’s spending habits may become an issue;
    • Spending every day together with someone is always a challenge;
    • Your relationship will have to mature in order to survive;

    To make sure that things work out well, you will need to stick to some basic dos and don’ts when prepping to move in with your partner.

    Pictured: A couple moving in together

    Don’t do it out of convenience

    Some couples decide to move in together just because they don’t want to pay high rent or because their partner lives closer to their workplace. If your motives to relocate are only focused on making your life a little easier, you should probably think twice. Sharing one home with your better half is a big step and you should only do it out of love and not because you want to reduce your monthly expenses. Only then will your relationship work.

    Do discuss your financial responsibilities aa

    Money can easily become an issue in any household. There are many cases in which roommates decide to move out because they feel like most of the financial burdens fall on their shoulders. To prevent money from becoming the cause of your relationship’s demise, talk about how you want to share your monthly expenses and who will pay for what. There may be nothing romantic about such discussions but it is the smart and the practical thing do to.

    Don’t bring all of your junk with you

    Even if you are planning to move in a bigger home, get rid of the items you no longer need. In that way, you will not need to book an entire team of trained movers. Instead, you can hire an equipped van in London and greatly reduce your relocation expenses. Aside from getting rid of all of your old and unwanted items, you can also sell or give away things which both of you have. For instance, if both you and your partner have a sofa, you will only need to take one of them. The same goes for small and large domestic appliances and other furniture pieces. However, before you sell or give your items away, consider keeping them in a storage facility for a while… just in case things don’t work out when you move in together.

    Do prepare for a new stage in your relationship

    Dates may become less romantic and spontaneous, your conversations may start to revolve around boring topics such as shopping lists, cooking and bills and there may be moments in which you would simply wish to spend some time by yourself. Do not let such things despair you. That is simply a new stage in your relationship. It may have its drawbacks but it comes with a lot more advantages such as getting to know the other person better, overcoming challenges together and taking your bond to a new level.

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