Moving into Student Accommodation: 5 Essentials to Take

  • Moving into Student Accommodation: 5 Essentials to Take

    Moving into Student Accommodation: 5 Essentials to Take

    Moving into Student Accommodation: 5 Essentials to Take

    Leaving the nest to move into student accommodation is a big step that can be both scary and existing at the same time. It is scary because it involves a major life change – new environment, new home, new people… And it is exciting because you will get to enjoy more independence for the first time in your life. But no matter how you feel towards your upcoming move, do not forget to find exceptional student removals in London and to pack smartly. Since this will probably be the first time in which you will be packing for relocation, you may easily forget to bring along some essentials. In fact, most university students-to-be make that mistake, leaving behind must-haves such as:

    • Hangers
    • Laundry bags
    • Towels
    • Cutlery
    • Something to keep the noise away (you will see what we mean by that in a minute)

    These five simple things can be real lifesavers when you are living in student accommodation.


    Having a small collection of hangers at hand is incredibly useful when you are living in a university’s halls of residence. They will enable you to neatly store your clothes. What is more, even if you do not have an iron at first, you can prevent your shirts and other pieces of clothing from wrinkling if you hang them in your wardrobe for a while. You can even use them to dry your towels.


    Even if you are planning to be a regular at the university’s canteen, you will still need to pack a few knives, forks and spoons. Take 4-5 of each so that you are well-prepared not only when you want to have a quick snack in the middle of the night but also when you have company in your room.

    Towels and bedsheets

    Some universities and colleges provide students who live in their halls of residence with things like bed linen and towels. But that is not always the case. Also, even if you are provided with them upon moving in, you still may prefer using your own bathroom and hand towels and sleeping in your own bed sheets out of purely hyaenic reasons.

    Laundry bags

    Great news! From now on, you will have the “pleasure” of doing your own laundry. Well, the news is definitely good for your mum and maybe not so good for you but this is something unavoidable. Therefore, bring a laundry bag so that you can easily and discreetly carry your dirty clothes, sheets and towels to the laundrettes.

    Earplugs or headphones

    Noise – there will be plenty of it once you relocate to the university halls of residence. Many students get used to it over time but to survive the first couple of months there, you will need quality earplugs or headphones… or both. Use them to block out the noise when you are trying to catch some Z’s or when you are studying.

    Just like one needs a knife, a water bottle and a ferro rod to survive in the wilderness, you will need the above-listed items to properly enjoy your time at your student accommodation.

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