Moving? You May Need to Leave Your Furniture Behind

  • Moving? You May Need to Leave Your Furniture Behind

    Moving? You May Need to Leave Your Furniture Behind

    Unless you own a piano, a large hot tub or a pool table, the most challenging category of items that you will need to handle and move during your home relocation will be your furniture. It is just quite heavy, bulky and it can easily scratch… or leave scratches on the floors or the walls of your property if you are not careful when you are dealing with them. But what if we tell you that it may not need to worry about your furniture pieces? There are several cases in which it is not worth your time, effort or money to plan and organise the removal of furniture, especially when:

    • You are moving to a different city or country
    • Your new home has different dimensions compared to your old one
    • The style of your furniture does not match that of the new house/flat
    • All the furniture you own is very old or is not in a good condition

    No matter how much you love and value your living room sofa or the antique writing desk you keep in your study, it may be time to let go of them.

    You are planning a long-distance move

    If you are moving out of London or even out of the country, do not even think of dragging all of your furniture with you. The cost of making such an arrangement will be so high that it will actually be cheaper for you to just buy brand-new furniture pieces.

    Dimensions of your furniture do not match those of your new home

    Not many home seekers remember to measure their furniture and the dimensions of their potential new property before they buy it. Therefore, if your old bed does not fit in your new bedroom, blame it all on yourself. Still, do not beat yourself up for that because it is a very common mistake, particularly among first-time buyers.

    Merging two households into one

    You and your long-term partner have finally decided to move in together. That means that you will need to merge your households into a single one. Remember that you will not need two of everything. So, choose which furniture pieces you want to keep and which should be left behind.

    A style mismatch

    Even if your furniture matches the dimensions of your new home, it may not match its style. For instance, if you own a lot of pieces inspired by the 1970s and you are moving into a modern-looking house that has a very minimalistic vibe, you may want to get new furniture that is equally modern-looking and minimalistic.

    Your furniture is simply too old

    Squeaky chairs, a wobbly table, a worn-off sofa – to move these things you will need to pay for a bigger van and hire more moving helpers. Again, you will be better off if you just replace your old pieces with new ones.

    If neither of these cases applies to you, do not hesitate to find a reliable furniture delivery service in London when you are relocating. In that way, your items will be quickly and safely loaded on advanced and clean moving vehicles and transported straight to your new home in the blink of an eye.

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