Packing 101 – Things You Need to Know

  • Packing 101 – Things You Need to Know

    Packing 101 – Things You Need to Know

    Moving home or even just a single bulky piece of furniture can be a demanding job. There are a lot of tasks that need to be taken care of if you want to be successful in such an endeavour and avoid the pitfalls that wait for you along the way. Packing is hands down the most important aspect of every removal because it guarantees the safety of your goods on the road, can optimise the way your possessions are loaded on the van and make unpacking and moving in much easier. Here is how you do it.

    The initial preparation is important

    The first and most important step when it comes to packing is figuring out what is going to be put in the boxes that are going to travel with you to the new address. It might be a good idea to carry out a house clearance on your premises so that you get rid of all unnecessary items such as:

    • Old clothes
    • Broken down furniture
    • Outdated appliances
    • Books you do not plan on reading

    These are just a few examples – chances are that you will find much more objects that you have no use for, or don’t even remember possessing once you go through your home. The next step would be tailoring a checklist with all the goods that you will be packing. In this way, you will not risk forgetting something important in the commotion.

    Get the right tools of trade and supplies

    Purchasing the necessary supplies for the task of packing is another thing to get done. Those include durable removal boxes, bubble wrap, paper for insulation etc. Remember that it is always a good idea to buy more materials than you think you are going to need rather than running out of boxes or wrapping before you have secured all your goods. It would also be sensible to ask your moving contractor of choice whether they offer fast delivery of quality packing supplies in London because those very often can provide you with very good discounts, provided that you are their client.

    Roll up your sleeves and get down to work

    The wisest thing to do is to give yourself enough time for packing – at least two weeks before your moving date would be the best time to start. Stick to the list and schedule that you have prepared in advance. Work one room at a time and move on to the next only after you have already finished with that you are in now. Carefully dismantle and wrap all items that allow it, and remember that heavy goods go in small boxes always – that makes them easier and safer to handle. Labelling all boxes with their content, the room they go in and whether or not they need to be carried with extra care is the last, but not the least important thing that you need to have in mind.

    Who would have thought that packing for a move can be so easy and hassle-free? Well, with these tips it will be!

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