Things to Ask Your Movers If You Have a Disability

  • Things to Ask Your Movers If You Have a Disability

    Things to Ask Your Movers If You Have a Disability

    Carrying out and planning a home move is difficult even for people who are in perfect health and have some experience with such projects. For disabled individuals, however, even a small or a short-distance relocation may seem like an impossible feat. That is why many people who have a disability avoid making such a major transition. That does not need to be the case for you, especially today when they are so many excellent moving services of which you can take advantage. However, not all licensed removal companies can meet the unique relocations needs of their disabled customers. But how to find one that does? Well, you just need to know what questions to ask your movers before you hire them. In that way, you will be more likely to:

    • Receive a comprehensive service
    • Reduce your moving costs
    • Avoid accidents and other risks
    • Save time
    • Kill two (or more) birds with one stone

    So, to shortlist the right pros for your upcoming household removal project, ask them the next simple but very important questions.

    Have you ever worked for other disabled customers?

    Asking a moving company if they will give you a hand is one thing but asking them if they have experience in organising a domestic move for disabled customers is another. If you get a yes to the first question, it means that the company is willing to help you but getting a positive answer to the second one means that they will be both willing and able to provide you with the assistance you need.

    Will you help me do the home assessment?

    This is not typically part of movers’ job. But it won’t hurt if they make a small exception for you. In fact, if they come and do your house assessment, they will also lighten up their load because they will check if all the items will be able to pass through the doors and hallways of your new and old homes. If they see that some of your furniture pieces are too big to go through the front door, they will come equipped and prepared to take it out one of your windows, for instance.

    Can you pack and unpack all of my items?

    Almost all professional moving teams offer packing services. Still, you may also need help with your unpacking. Speak with the relocation company if they can also assist you during that last stage of your move.

    Will the movers be willing to arrange my furniture in the new home?

    Some removal businesses offer furniture assembly and others – furniture disassembly. Get yourself movers that can do both – a risk-free furniture assembly and disassembly in London. Furthermore, see if the pros can also arrange your furniture once they unload it from the van if you feel that you will not be able to tackle this task alone.

    What other additional services can you offer me?

    The more informed you are the better. Therefore, see what other services are on the menu. A comprehensive rubbish removal, for example, will enable you to declutter easily while a thorough end of tenancy cleaning will guarantee that you will get your rental deposit back.

    Can I use a discount?

    There is no shame in asking for a price cut. Trust us, almost all clients do it just because they can, including those without a disability. After all, who would not want to reduce their relocation costs even slightly?

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