Three of the best colleges in London

  • Three of the best colleges in London

    Three of the best colleges in London

    The English capital is regarded as a global educational centre and this is due to the fact that the city is home to some of the finest universities in the world. In fact, there are so many top tier colleges in London that future students can have a hard time deciding which institution will suit them best. This is why we have decided to turn your attention towards three of the most acclaimed higher educational facilities in the city.

    The internationally acclaimed UCLz

    University College London

    Wilkins Building at the UCLShortly known as UCL, this educational institution was established in 1826 and is presently classified as a public research university. It is the third largest higher educational facility in the United Kingdom in terms of enrolment (c. 37.135 students). The University College London has a main campus in the district of Bloomsbury and comprises of eleven constituent faculties. The university also manages several notable museums, including the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. Some of the more prominent alumni of UCL are:

    • Sir William Coldstream
    • Ibrahim el-Salahi
    • Robert Browning
    • Demetrius Vikelas
    • Colin Chapman
    • Clare Marx
    • Simon Inglis
    • Itō Hirubumi
    • Kwame Nkrumah

    Brunel University London

    Named after the celebrated Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this educational facility is one of the several British universities, which were founded during the 1960s, as a result of the Robbins Report. Its main campus is situated in the area of Uxbridge. The institution is separated into three colleges and three major research facilities that presently accommodate a staff of about 2.500 and a student body of over 14.000. The Brunel University London is a member of the European University Association, the Association of Commonwealth University and Universities UK. Among is most notable graduates are Nick Abbot, Hajaz Akram, Ralph Miliband, Gagan Sikand, Tony Adams, Beth Rodford, Iwan Thomas, Marko Ciciliani and many more. Newly accepted students can easily relocate to their dorm by using the professional and licensed student removal services in London of Super Man and Van. This way, they will have the peace of mind that all their belongings will be brought to the campus in a safe and timely manner.

    Birkbeck – the institution that produces Nobel laureates

    Birkbeck, University of London

    Entrance at the BirkbeckEstablished in 1823 as the London Mechanics Institute, The Birkbeck as it is informally known is a public research university. It lies in the same district as the above mentioned University College London and is named after its founded, Sir George Birkbeck. The institution has a student body of about 12.250 (8.200 undergraduates and 4.050 postgraduates). It works in close partnership with the University of East London, which is another well-known and highly praised local higher educational facility. Throughout the year, the university has produced many distinguished alumni in the fields of economics, literature, art, law, politics and drama. Among its graduates are four Nobel Prize winners, Patrick Blackett (Physics in 1948), Thomas Stearns Eliot (Literature in 1948), Aaron Klug (Chemistry in 1982) and Sir Derek Barton (Chemistry in 1969).

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