Three Things to Do Before a Move

  • Three Things to Do Before a Move

    Three Things to Do Before a Move

    Moving homes can be the tough experience. The list of tasks that you need to get covered is immense. Missing even one of them may have a reflection on the successful outcome of the whole project. Here we are going to talk about three of the most important tasks that you need to get done prior to your moving date if you do not want your life to become a kind of a nightmare. You will be surprised how many people actually forget about those. Make sure not to be one of them.

    Get rid of all unnecessary items

    Efficiency is the key to every successful domestic relocation, and the key to efficiency is taking only what you need along with you at the new place. Before you start packing, ask yourself do you really need all those old, unfashionable clothes, or your whole 500-volume personal library. Go through all of your possessions and rid yourself of any excessive luggage, including but not limited to:

    • Old clothes that no longer fit you
    • Weathered furniture
    • Outdated appliances
    • Books you don’t plan on re-reading

    The fewer items you have to move, the less effort and time you will have to invest in the packing. Another benefit would be that you will need less space on the van, respectively less manpower to load your boxes. This will reflect on the overall price of the moving service that you will have to pay.

    Inform everyone who needs to know about your move

    Sort out things with your utility suppliers and the local council. You may have to change doctors and find a new school for the kids. All those are tasks that have to be taken care of well in advance if you want to save yourself a lot of trouble when you are relocating.

    The authorities, however, are not the only ones that you should tell about your change of address. Your employer, of course, would like to know about it, as well as family and friends. Throwing a small party for the neighbours before you empty your home would be a nice touch, especially if you are on good terms with them.

    Clean the place

    It does not matter whether you are renting your current apartment or you are the owner – carrying out an end of tenancy cleaning is a must once your stuff is packed. Ask your man and van company of choice if they offer end of tenancy cleaning in London in order to receive a good discount and a service considered in accordance to your moving schedule.

    In case you’ve been paying rent for your home, handling the moving out sanitation properly is going to ensure that you get a refund on your rental deposit. For owners who hope to sell or rent their property after the move, they will have a much easier time achieving that if the house or the apartment in question looks in its best shape, which can be done easily with a good cleaning service.

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