Top 5 of the Biggest Room Layout Don’ts

  • Top 5 of the Biggest Room Layout Don’ts

    Top 5 of the Biggest Room Layout Don’ts

    Not many things can compare to the excitement of moving to a new home, especially if that home is yours rather than rented. You probably can’t wait to mould its décor to match your style. In fact, you may already have planned out how to arrange the furniture and the main colours which you will use to paint the walls. One thing you should never forget is the layout of the rooms in the property. There are several big layout mistakes that many of us do and those include:

    • Arranging everything with its back against the wall
    • Blocking the traffic flow
    • Being too boxy and not very imaginative
    • Putting your TV on a pedestal
    • Overcrowding the rooms

    What exactly do we mean by all of that? Time to find out!

    Pushing everything to the wall

    When decorating and planning the layout of a small living space, you may be tempted to push everything to the wall hoping that this will create an illusion of a slightly bigger room. Believe it or not, however, this will have the exact opposite effect. When everything is pushed to the walls or the corners of a room, it creates a suffocating feeling. Let the air flow by moving your furniture and other décor pieces away from those walls. Even 20-30cm will let the space breathe and will open it up a little.

    Placing furniture in the middle of a traffic zone

    No matter whether you have used a professional furniture delivery service in London to move your old furniture to your new home or you have purchased brand-new pieces, you must never put them in high traffic zones. Moving around the room should not feel like a hurdle race in which you need to jump over chairs and etc.

    Being too square

    Do not arrange the items and furnishings in your flat or house at a perfect angle. A few odd lines here and there will make the room feel less boxy and much more dynamic. So, if your armchair is not in a perfectly parallel position with your living room coffee table or the sofa, do not panic. This is exactly where it should be.

    Forgetting that sometimes more is less

    Less is always more. In other words, do not hang too many paintings on your walls even if you are obsessed with art. Also, do not overcrowd your home with furniture and do not get carried away with the colours. Find a balance. For example, if you prefer vivid colours, create a statement wall instead of painting the entire room in lemon yellow.

    Give your TV the status of a deity

    If you feel like putting a TV in every room in the house, we won’t judge you. Go ahead. But do not make that piece of electronic the focal point of the room because it will be the first thing that people see when they walk into your home – a dull black screen. Even if you have designer pieces scattered around or some pricey artwork hanging on the walls, it will be degraded to nothing but background noise. Therefore, put your TV next to the actual focal point in the room – a large vase, a stone fireplace… you name it.

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