Turning an Already Furnished Apartment into A Home

  • Turning an Already Furnished Apartment into A Home

    Turning an Already Furnished Apartment into A Home

    The fastest way to make a new house or a flat feel like a home is by renovating, decorating and furnishing it in accordance to your own personal taste. But what if the property you are about to move to is already fully furnished and it has recently been renovated? That can sometimes be the case if you are relocating to a short-term rental or if you have decided to invest in a newly-built or renovated home in an effort to avoid going through a series of hectic big or small construction tasks. And yet, even if the property features modern pieces of furniture that generally match your personal interior décor taste, you may struggle to feel at home when you move to your new house or apartment. To establish a cosier and more homey atmosphere in it, you need to rely on a more unusual and subtle approach that involves:

    • Making colour changes without actually doing any painting
    • Giving reign to your more creative and artistic side
    • Picking new curtains
    • Buying new bedding
    • Installing additional storage solutions

    Invite a colour revolution without having to repaint

    If you find the colour of the walls a bit too bright or a bit too dull, you may be able to balance it by adding some fresh colour to the mix. By that, we do not mean that you should repaint the walls and the ceilings. Instead, pick a palette that matches well with the already existing colour combos in the property. Then add décor pieces here and there to put that palette into practice. Small pillows on the sofa, a new table cloth in the dining room, a lovely flower arrangement in the living room… Even tiny changes can make all the difference when they have been strategically selected.

    Hang works of art of your choosing

    Compliment the current look of your new home by hanging paintings or placing sculptures of your choice in every room. Of course, pick works of art that you truly like because you will get to look at them every single day. Do that and you will add an emotional depth to the property and make it feel like home in no time.

    New curtains in the common living areas

    To refurbish an apartment or a house, you will need to rely on local furniture delivery services in London and you will need to spend money on new furniture pieces. Luckily, there is a more budget-friendly way to invite change into any common area – new curtains. Play with your selection of curtain colours and fabrics to find the right look for you.

    New bedding in the bedrooms

    If you want to establish a different vibe in your bedroom, just get yourself some new bedding. That includes everything from blankets, bedsheets, pillows, duvets, comforters… and all other things that go on a bed.

    Opt for storage that best works for you

    You have tried out the above-listed tips but your new fully furnished home still feels a bit off to you. Maybe the change you need to make is not about the rooms’ appearance but about their functionality. Change the positions of the furniture pieces to make the layout of the property work better for you. Also, install some new storage options to make it more practical for your family.

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