Why London is Better

  • Why London is Better

    Why London is Better

    Have you ever wondered why so many people wish to move to London and live in the English capital? If you have but cannot find the answer, here are seven explanations for this phenomenon.

    It will satisfy your love for music

    Excellent music scene

    London has an estimate of 300 entertainment venues, which host over 17.000 performances annually. Moreover, the English capital is the birthplace of some of the most acclaimed and adored music artists and bands in history, such as:

    • All Saints
    • Phil Collins
    • Elton John
    • David Bowie
    • Queen
    • Rolling Stones
    • The Cure
    • Billy Idol
    • Des`ree

    Vast public transportation network

    Tube station in LondonLondoners, especially commuters who live and work in different parts of the city can easily travel back and forth due to the capital’s well-developed and large public transportation system. London is served by the Underground (the world’s first metro network), the Overground, the National Rail, Tramlink, Docklands Light Railways, numerous bus routes, taxis and river buses. You can also rent a bicycle from a docking station and use it to reach your destination.

    Amazing career opportunities

    The British capital is an Alpha ++ city and is a global commerce, financial, educational, fashion, touristic, transportation centre. Some of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations are seated in London. This means that you can easily find employment in your field.

    An abundance of green spaces

    Studies have shown that London is currently the greenest European capital and this is because of its numerous parks and open spaces. Some of the most famous local parklands are Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, Regent’s Park, Clapham Common, Richmond Park, Battersea Park and Kensington Gardens. The presence of all these green areas means that you can enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities.

    Easy relocations

    Newcomers can easily move to the English capital with the aid of Super Man and Van who are credited for providing reliable and comprehensive man and van services in London. By delegating your removal to professional technicians, you will not have to worry about the packing, loading and hauling of your belongings and will be able to concentrate your efforts on finding a new job and being acclimated to your new surroundings.

    Study in some of the best institutions on the planet

    World-class education

    Elizabeth TowerHome to a number of internationally acclaimed secondary schools, colleges and universities, London offer excellent education its residents. Institutions such as St. Paul’s Girls’ School, University College London, Perse Upper School, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Brunel University and more have made the English capital a global educational centre, as it was mentioned above.

    Mind-blowing landmarks

    It is a coincidence that London is currently the most visited city on Earth. This is due to the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage, which means that the English capital has many interesting sites that you will want to explore. As of date, London is the location of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also home to the world famous Elizabeth Tower, which most people wrongfully call Big Ben. The city is also the seat of the British Royal Family.

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