Your Ultimate Smart Home Relocation Guide

  • Your Ultimate Smart Home Relocation Guide

    Your Ultimate Smart Home Relocation Guide

    Smart home gadgets are becoming more and more affordable these days, allowing people to automate a lot of things in their house or flat. Filling up your home with smart gadgets that let you control your heating remotely, do your shopping from home without even turning on your laptop or see when someone is trying to break into your property has its benefits. But unless you have opted for a portable smart home setup, moving out of your hi-tech premises may prove to be quite the challenge. The same goes if you are moving into a smart home. There are several important things you need to take into consideration when:

    • You are moving into a smart home but you have no idea what a smart home is
    • You are changing one smart home with a new one
    • You are moving out of a smart home

    We will take a close look at three of these scenarios and shed some light on how you need to approach each of them.

    Scenario #1 – You are a smart home newbie in a new smart home

    If you are not a big fan of technology but you have chosen to buy or rent a property that has all sorts of smart gadgets, you have two main options – to take advantage of all this tech or to just ignore it completely. If you decide to take up the former approach, you will need to learn how to use these devices. If, however, you want nothing to do with it, you should uninstall the gadgets or to at least make sure they are properly and fully switched off. You may need to find a specialist to help you with that.

    Scenario #2 – You are moving out of a smart home

    Start by checking if you will be able to take any of your devices with you. Some smart home systems come as part of the property since they were built in it. Others are so hard-wired into your home, that you may need to spend a lot of money and time to disconnect them. When that is the case, prepare to part with your tech. But before you do, remember to disable all your administrative privileges to protect your personal information.

    Scenario #3 – Moving from one smart home to another

    This is the trickiest of the three scenarios. Again, you need to see if you will be able to take your devices with you and to restore those that you will leave behind to factory setting. At the same time, you need to make sure that the previous owners of your new home have done the same thing with their smart home setup. If you want to add some of your gadgets to the already existing array of hi-tech items in your new house, you will need to check if the two are compatible or not.

    Another issue which you may experience when you are dealing with a smart home relocation (in any of its forms) is the removal of the smart gadgets. While you can easily find top-notch furniture delivery services in London, there are still no moving companies that offer smart home relocation solutions. This means that you may have to deal with that part of the moving process all alone.

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